Spain-China Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Association

Spain, whose agricultural and animal husbandry products have long been well received by the European Union and even the developed countries in the west, has become a major supplier of the developed countries of the European Union, America and the Middle East. With the ever-deepening promotion between China and Spain in various fields, agricultural and animal husbandry products are becoming the focus of public attention. In order to introduce the advanced agricultural technology and green pollution-free agricultural products of Spain into China, Mr. Chen Zhiyuan, a Chinese Spanish, advocated to have co-founded the Spain-China Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Association (Asociación Hispano – China Empresarial de Productos Agrícolas y Ganaderos) by engaging insightful Spanish personnel from the agricultural and animal husbandry sector who are interested in the ambitious strategy of mutual benefit. The mission of the association is to build an international platform of communication, introduction and promotion, introducing Spain’s quality and green products into China and radiating to other Asian countries and regions including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Ways to fulfill this mission can be technical exchange visits, product exhibition, or the supply and demand information introduction made by the association. These efforts will enable industry enterprises to enjoy convenient, pragmatic and forward-looking services. Following closely the trend that the world has no border, the association will spare no efforts to exert its due functions and roles.



The World’s Capital of Olive Oil ——


The Province of Jaén is a province in southern Spain, located in the northeastern of Andalusia Autonomous Region, close to the source of Guadalquivir River, and is the entrance to Andalusia. Its neighboring provinces are the Province of Córdoba, the Province of Ciudad Real, the Province of Albacete and the Province of Granada. Jaén is the provincial capital of the Province of Jaén in Andalusia Autonomous Region. In 2006, there were about 117,540 people in Jaén, accounting for 1/6 of the province’s population. Jaén has a variety of landforms and beautiful natural scenery, the ancient town and city commemorate her glorious history. Over thousands of years, Jaén has played an important role in the history of Andalusia, this can be seen from the relics of the ancient Iberians, the ancient Romans and the Visigoths.


In the vast and fertile land, olive groves stretch beyond the horizons. Jaén is known as the “World’s Capital of Olive Oil”, more than two-thirds of the land is used for olive cultivation. The green vegetation in olive groves and natural parks sets off the amazing relics, cathedral and palace of ancient Iberian, as well as various castles in Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.


Ubeda and Baeza are the two most famous ancient towns in the Province of Jaén, and are the rare treasures left by the Spanish Renaissance. The downtown areas of the ancient towns are a collection of palaces and renaissance-style churches of the 16th and 17th century, which are often contrasted with the Italian cities due to similar styles. In 2003, the downtown areas of the two ancient towns were listed as World Cultural Heritage Sites by the UNESCO.


The olive oil produced by the province adds an authentic Andalusian taste to the food made of natural meat and vegetables, and is the best choice for local people in Jaén to entertain tourists.


Jaén is also the hometown of Jose, the husband of famous Taiwanese writer San Mao. Do you remember the Olive Tree wrote by San Mao? The touching lyrics are inspired by the beautiful olive groves in Jaén.


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