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New Zealand Trade Centre (NZTC) is a leading international trade organization, established in 1993, and located in Auckland city centre. Committed to delivering quality New Zealand products to the world, it has gradually played a substantial role in bridging New Zealand import and export trade business development. With an extensive portfolio of premium products, it is considered as the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all things New Zealand. Its focus is to generate long term business with key international partners.

NZTC has a database of 8,000+ exporters and a wide range of global commodity information networks. The main focus is to integrate New Zealand’s local resources to connect local suppliers to international agents, distributors and importers; delivering their products to the world. Similarly, NZTC provides investment business consulting for foreign companies intending to import products and services from New Zealand, or seeking supply chain investments in New Zealand. In addition, NZTC provides a range of well-established services including market research and planning, investment advisory and joint venture set up as a diversified import and export trade service platform.

NZTC has a wealth of New Zealand quality product resources, including fruits and vegetables (Cherry, Apple, Lemon, Persimmon, Feijoa, kiwiberry, Fries, Green beans, Corns, Chestnut pumpkin, etc.), Meat, Seafood, Dairy Products, Dry Food, Alcohol, Fruit Juice, Mineral Water, Honey, Health Supplement products, Organic Household Products and more. With a multicultural team of professionals, it established a highly reputable level of marketing with a focus on the end market. In recent years, NZTC has been concentrating on the cooperation with strategic partners overseas to conduct resource acquisitions from New Zealand, creating a sustainable development in the upstream supply chain.

New Zealand Agribusiness

New Zealand is one of world’s most efficient agricultural economies, New Zealand’s expertise in agriculture provides solutions and problem-solving capability for complex environments around the world. The drive for research and innovation has long been a feature of the sector.

New Zealand’s climate, fertile soil and relative isolation make it ideal for almost every kind of production – from sheep and cattle to cropping and horticulture.New Zealand’s agricultural industries, including food and forestry, account for 64% of New Zealand’s total exports, accounting for 12% of New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP). New Zealand is the world’s largest dairy and lamb exporting country. Highly competitive and efficient primary production systems are exported to every corner of the globe.

Over the past 25 years, New Zealand’s agricultural productivity has increased significantly. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of the agricultural industry is 3.3%.

New Zealand’s agricultural innovation dates back to the introduction of a milk fat separator in 1884 and a mechanical milking machine that began in 1890. Continued efforts to lift the quality, productivity and performance on farms has led New Zealand companies to innovate in milking machines, irrigation and animal genetics and other areas. Improvements are introduced, tested and trialed onshore then adapted for use globally.

By 2025, the world’s total population will increase from the current 7 billion to 9 billion, food demand will grow 70%. The reputation for farming expertise and quality food-production systems place New Zealand in a strong position to meet the world’s increasing food demands.

Most dairy and cattle farming in New Zealand is pastoral making farmers less dependent on grain feeding and the energy-intensive housing of animals during winter months. The intelligent use of natural resources, along with the rapid adoption of new methods and technologies give New Zealand a competitive advantage in grazing animals.

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