From the preceptive of the administration with values, the Mission of the, is to be a productive, entrepreneurial and innovation institution for the construction and transformation of the rural sector, from the local, regional and national order, with a social perspective of its extension and committed to the construction of a more productive and competitive country in the agro-industrial and rural economy, more equitable, solidary and with a social conscience, ecological and committed to peace .

With the objective of contributing to Colombia’s productivity and competitiveness, and to complying with national and international food policies, and developing a high sense of the philosophy of social responsibility and with a view to reducing economic gaps and social inequality between the rural and urban sectors.

The purpose of the project is not only to obtain information from the companies, but also to link them to generate spaces of testimony about their agro-industrial, labor, and commercial experiences in order to create mechanisms and strategies for business integration through the Federation, to articulate the business practices in their pedagogical practices, research, studies, among others and as support in the professional orientation, allowing to the entrepreneurs a very strong affective bond with the institution, which is something important to take into account and is a huge capital that is not used because of the lack of associative integration of second or third level of society.

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